cheated on Coach yesterday, and I have NO guilt

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  1. #1 Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
    :yahoo:I was set on buying a new coach purse yesterday, as I haven't purchased one in months, and the fiance was game.

    So i went in...and found nothing ..i searched and searched, nothing!

    I left the store slightly broken and very upset :sad:

    My fiance then told me, "how about going into michael kors, you dont have any bags from there" so i had to oblige and go in :smile:

    Then i saw her, at the bottom of the shelf, a gorgeous patent tote. She is 498 retail, marked at 199 then 25% off....walked out with her -$158

    I have always wanted a tote, but never found one that i loved.

    I do have some questions that I askeds in another subforum, but no one has replied yet, do you ladies know much about michael kors? I Didn't know much about the designer during the purchase but am now trying to research more. What I have found is there are 3 different lines by him. Micheal kors, kors by michael kors, and michael by michael kors. Which of these lines are best in terms of quality/price?

    ---sorry for the horrible camera phone pic...i can't seem to find the camera...

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  2. I have 2 Micheal by Micheal kors bags. They are both holding up really well. I believe Micheal Kors is the more expensive brand, while the bags I have are more moderately priced. Not an expert so dont quote me. lol
  3. Pretty bag!

    Michael Kors is the most expensive I believe, ready to wear line?
    Michael by Michael Kors is the "more affordable" line (under $500 for bags)
    As for Kors - I think that's his shoe line, not 100%

    Enjoy your new beauty!
  4. congrats!!!
  5. congrats. i love michael kors'. his bags are amazing- sometimes the "michael kors" items can be pricey but he does have a line for everyone's budget. they hold well and resell just as nicely if necessary. very nice quality. they do seasonal merchandise as well, very nice straw bags, canvas and trendy too. sorry its in the coach forum though. i have many bags that i think should make it to a forum but are not!
  6. Cool bag!
  7. ah ok...thanks ladies...

    how does patent leather hold up? i have a black coach gallery tote in patent leather, and i dont baby it in anyway, and looks great, can i expect the same with this?
  8. Thats a beautiful bag! I love MK bags. I don't own one 'yet', but I am always drawn to them in the stores.Enjoy your new bag!
  9. Cute Bag!!!!
    Congrats!!!! I look at other bags besides Coach too!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. i like his bags but don't own any yet.
  11. I don't have any of his bags, but this one is gorgeous!!! Patent leather in general holds up really well and you don't need to baby it. I've had several patent bags before.

    I cheated on Coach too...I admit it....nothing I've wanted lately. Just got a Tylie Malibu Runaway Rose in black suede. :love: aren't the only cheater. LOL
  12. Hey, I think Its O.K. to buy different designer handbags. My Collection is not all Coach. I have LV, Michael Kors, Mark Jacobs and 2 B. Makowsky bags that have held up beautifully and I love them too.
    Your new handbag is very nice. I like it!
  13. I don't have any MK either, but love your bag. Congrats!
  14. my first 'expensive' bag was michael by michael kors- i think i spent $250 on it and felt really crazy to spend so much! that was 6 years ago and i still like the bag. the leather is thick, and it has aged beautifully- it looks worn in and soft, but not in a messy way. i'm a big fan of MK bags, and think they're great bang for the buck.
  15. Great bag! I love it! Congrats!