Cheat sheet for Tiffany cushion cut diamond

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  1. I am thinking of getting a Tiffany cushion cut diamond ring, 2ct above. Just wonder if someone can share any tips for Tiffany cushion cut diamond ring purchase?:cool::cool:
  2. There's no set numbers for cushions/fancies. Is this for a traditional cushion, Novo or a Legacy? I ask bec the latter two are proprietary cuts and will not have any sort of rhyme or reason to the cutting standards as far as "cut quality" guidelines we normally go by.
  3. Hi Ame, I am thinking of getting the "Tiffany Legacy" Diamond ring, the stone will have to be > 2ct.:P
  4. Ok. Like I said, no set numbers. And since it's proprietary, even less so. Cushions are something you need to select with your eyes, or excellent magnified static imagery.