Cheapo (New too!) Weekender

  1. go chigirl!!!!

    This is the biggest deal on ebay!!!!!
  2. i was looking at this TOO!!!>.. AWESOME deal... is it REALLY BIG?? can it be used for everyday?
  3. It's big but not's a very nice size that can be used by people of all heights (and as we all know bigger bags are really in for fall) .....I have two myself and I loooooove them!
  4. Oh that's cheap! Too bad I don't fancy brown... It's a good deal though.
  5. wish it was a different color. someone should grab it.
  6. it's from our beloved chigirl!!!
    this is an awesome deal! someone go for it!
  7. I came back to this thread and realized I titled it poorly (Cheapo)... :Push: It's just so incredibly priced, I got uber-excited.

    Chigirl, good luck with your sale. :flowers: This is really quite a buy...
  8. It's such a beautiful bag and a great deal! It would be crazy not to get this bag!!!