Cheapest way to get LV purse that I want...

  1. OK, so I'd like a LV epi alma. If I open a Saks card, I'd get 10% off, right? If I wait until they do the gift card thing, then I'd also get $150 in Saks gift card (which I'd use for a strap for my alma). I think sales tax in that area is around 8%. Would I be better off to do this all online or can you only get the 10% in store the day I open my charge? Can you think of anything else I might have missed?
  2. oops, I just realized you can't order LV online at Saks! I guess dilemma is solved--can you use the 10% discount on all departments??
  3. RULE: Do not ever open a STORE credit card just to get 10% off of something!! Please..that is asking for trouble. I don't believe in store cards PERIOD. I do not have a single one. There really is no point in having them. They are only good for those who have very little credit or no credit at all and are trying to build credit.

    The only card you need is 1-2 MAJOR cards..that's it. You can use them anywhere---even at

    Also, never buy anything like LV on a credit card unless you are going to pay it off at the end of the month. If you don't have the cash..don't buy it. Period. Of course, this is my opinion and preference . You can do what you wish:yes: of course. I was just interjecting a little financial
  4. you cant use the saks 10% off for opening a CC discount on LV, nor can you get GCs from purchasing a LV. you can only use the GCs that you earned from purchasing other stuff on LV.
  5. Bah, then!!!! Glad I found out...btw, I have great credit, finances are in sound condition, could write a check, but hey, 10% was tempting! i didn't "need" the credit card & was going to pay it off at the end of the month (as I do with all my credit cards). I think it's the part of me that HATES paying retail!! Thanks for taking the time to respond, ladies.

  6. Wow-those are some strong opinions.

    Personally-I think there are reasons to have store cards. For example-we opened an Old Navy account over Christmas-we got 15% off a huge shopping expedition. We get points for using the card and when we rack up 200 points-we get a $10 or $15 off coupon our next purchase. Also-as an Old navy card holder-we get special discounts(free shipping, etc.). We shop at Old Navy a LOT, so, it is worth it to us.

    So-in some cases-there are reasons to get store cards.

    But-that is not what she asked-is it? She asked if she could use it to get a discount on LV. And, sorry to say, you can't use the discount for LV. Enjoy!
  7. Yup, the discount will not apply on LV.

    Try searching on eBay or Let-Trade to see if one pops up. ;)
  8. Well this is my two cents: buy from eluxury because it's tax free in most states except CA and TN (so I hope you don't live there). Plus if you go through ****** you get an additional saving of 3% or something in the form of a check.

    You have to join ****** first then through ****** click on the link for eluxury. Even if you don't bother with ****** you still save tax buying from eluxury.

    The only thing about buying online is you can't handpick the bag you want so your alma might not be made in France (if that bothers you).

    Hope that helps.
  9. Interesting, I'm not sure what happened but I think my post was edited. Nevermind!
  10. They block out that e-site we all know about for some reason. Lucky mag rewards gives 7%, I think, & fat wallet gives somewhere in between. I'm not in a rush, so I can wait & see what happens. Heck, it's not like LV is gonna have a sale or anything!!
  11. I would buy one from Let-Trade or a trusted seller! :yes:

    You will never get your money back if you buy brand new and decide to resell it down the road.
  12. I didn't know that... must be a recent thing.