Cheapest SFAM ever!

  1. I just got the best deal yesterday. Went yesterday to Macy's and found SFAM roxy skinny jeans priced at $74 (originally $140+) so I went to cashier to pay for it and guess what?? it was only $15!! i was so excited so I asked if there are more, she checked but then she said it was the last one in stock. no damage or anything. Its perfect, authentic and its my size:yahoo:
  2. Good deal! I'm heading to Macy*s later to look. They usually never have my size on clearance though :\ Try TJMaxx as well. I found a pair of SFAMK Jagger's for $30.
  3. That's amazing!! Congrats on a great deal! Did you have to use your Macy's card or anything?
  4. OH MY GOSH!!!! you ladies are AMAZING! Gr8 work!
  5. wow such a good price
  6. yes i used my macys card:yes:
  7. wow! awesome!
  8. macys has seven for all mankind?.. which macys
  9. most macy's have it, check out your local store...
  10. Great deals!
  11. Wow, that's amazing, congrats!! :yes:
  12. OMG, $15...that has to be THE best deal.. congrats!
  13. I've gotten so many jeans from Macy's for $15. A pair of Joe's, Paiges, Frankie B's...I love Macy's :heart:
  14. Which Macy's are you going to? The only deals I ever get is maybe a 15% off coupon. I need to shop where you shop!
  15. wow crazy! which macy's is this at? do u shop at the junipr's department?