cheapest place to shop in London?

  1. i heard there is a huge burberry factory store in London that has good selection/price. i searched it online and i found that it's on 29-53 Chatham Place London E9 6LP United Kingdom. is this right? any feedback from anyone who's been to this place would be greatly appreciated - or anywhere else i can shop less than retail!

  2. i believe that is the right address. i've been there and its a nice big space. the area that it is in is not exactly "great". you can probably take a train and walk there but theres a bus that drops you off closer. i dont remember which lines but it takes a long time to get to from central london. my friends just came back in January and they were having a sale. the novacheck boots were like 10 pounds (on sale). hopefully that is still going on. have fun there! don't forget to get VAT back =)
  3. thanks diamond_lover! now i have to find a way to figure out how to get there. :p