Cheapest place to get paige jeans


Feb 10, 2007
I've seen them at Costco for around $70 or $100 or so... Also seen them at Bloomies for nearly $50-$60, something in that range.
I am still kicking myself for not buying a pair during the Artizia end-of-winter sale for like $70....

I was at Marshalls yesterday and found ONE pair of Paiges in my size for $50 but they had a hole in the back. Flipping through all the racks gives me a big headache though! If you have patience, hit up the outlet stores. Nordstrom Rack gets Paiges, though I've never seen them at my Off 5th.

I've seen them on sale at Macy's for half off too!

Good luck, Paiges rock :smile:

eBay is great, but watch out for fakes - post an authenticity check here or at HonestForum or AuthenticForum or DenimDNA (denim forums). Those sites also have 'malls' for used jeans!