Cheapest place to get Miu Miu

  1. I love the Miu MIu bow satchel bag so much especially the off white one.. anyone knoe where is the cheapest to get it? Milan or Paris? I am staying in Asia, someone told me HK will be the cheaper in Asia...
  2. Yes I would think HK too. The sale's still on now I think, 40 per cent off selected styles.
  3. Thanks... but the Bow satchel wil never go on sale... Anyone stay in Europe can tell me where to get is the cheapesr?? Milan or Paris?
  4. Probably Milan?
  5. anyone got the excat price?
  6. anyone knoe the exact price in Milan for bow satchel?

  7. I got a black one on Sept 29,2007 for euro.790 ,the tall one was euro.750 !!