Cheapest place to get large Lady Dior/ Granville- Australia, Singapore or Malaysia?

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  1. As above, I am currently on holiday in Malaysia and looking at buying a large lady dior bag or granville.( still not sure which to get, they are both beautiful!! will have to look at the price to decide) However I can't seem to find the price for these 2 bags in google nor this forum. Please correct me if I have overlooked it.

    I will be going to Singapore in 2 weeks time while my bf will be joining me in Malaysia in a few days time from Melbourne. So I have the option to get it in these 3 countries.

    It would be better if someone can tell me what are the current prices for these 2 bags.

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. What size Granville were you thinking? Large also?
  3. Oh, does Granville comes in 2 sizes? I only saw 1 size in, which the measurement is 32.5 x 30 X 15.5 cm.:smile:
  4. sorry, my bad! I went back to the website again and this time I went to 'shop online' and found large Granville. I think it's too big. I will prefer the measurement above( which I am guessing a medium?) or something smaller.

  5. You're lucky I have the prices on hand as I'd normally advise to just call the respective stores for price information. ;)

    Large Lady Dior:
    MYR 9,200
    SGD 4,000
    AUD 3,300

    MYR 9,600
    SGD 4,100
    AUD 3,500
  6. Wow!!! :yahoo:you are a champion!!! thank you very much!!

    now is decision time for me pick which bag to get.
  7. :smile: Don't forget you can claim your tax back.
  8. When you re-enter customs though, just make sure the bag is out of sight or you could get into a lot of trouble by bringing the product back in if you've decided to get your tax refunded;)

  9. Even if the customs agents don't see your bag, I'm pretty sure their X-ray machines can. ;)

    Assuming you aren't "importing" a commercially viable quantity of bags, in most cases you'll be fine. Normal passenger concessions apply (this would cover a reasonable value of items) and most items for personal use are excluded from being subject to GST when they are brought back into Australia.

    I have flown in with two new large LV bags and a new laptop computer, all in their own shopping bags, and there were no problems.
  10. where is the cheapest place to buy dior?
  11. I had been to Paris and London last month. For large lady dior, price in UK is UK1500 and in Paris is Euro1600. after considering the VAT, I found Paris is the cheapest place to buy lady dior or Chanel handbag
  12. I'm thinking to buy a lady dior in Brisbane. Is there any tax refund in Australia for tourists? How many %?
  13. Thanks eminere
  14. thanks for the info as i will go to malaysia on Feb next year