Cheapest Place to get Bayswater ???

Apr 16, 2009
I NEED a Bayswater - Oak (I think) but maybe Chocolate ???? Can anyone recommend cheapest place to get one from? Do they do mail order from outlets? Im about 300 mile round trip from Bicester and thats my nearest outlet! Havin a mega collection of LV have moved onto Mulberry. So far I have a Chocolate Mollie & Oak Emmy but they need a Bayswater to keep them company. :nuts:


Jun 22, 2008
Huloo and welcome to the forum.

The cheapest place to buy a bayswater would be ebay but then it would be used.

Next would be the outlets (there are 4 in the UK) except classic coloured bayswaters are like gold dust there and they sell out quickly. They cost £350 at the outlets (maybe more since the price increase) and they get special purchase bays without feet and clochettes quite frequently.

The next cheapest option would be duty free at an airport.. i got my choc bays for £420 at heathrow


Oct 6, 2008
Hi and welcome to the forum!! They do sometimes pop up at the outlets, I know a couple of tpfrs have been lucky to get classic colours there, I think they usually go for around £416 (someone will confirm that for you!). The outlets do mail order so the best plan is to ring them and ask what classic colours they have in Bays and they should let you know any problems (e.g. scratches etc) over the phone. If not I think some websites might still be selling them for the old price (£495) or you could try and use a mumsnet discount code for 10% off £550.

I love my oak bays as it has aged beautifully and has a fab dark patina. You won't be disappointed!