Cheapest place to buy Toki tees?

  1. What is the cheapest online site for Toki tees? Thanks!!
  2. I know Tobi has them for around $30ish+ and with a 10% coupon, free shipping, and no taxes
  3. you have a link? And the coupon?
  4. ew, when they were still azalea & i bought shirts from them they were $40+! grr.
    coupon is 'HITOBI'
  5. Thank you..are they a good place to buy from?
  6. they were good when i bought from them; that was months ago & before the name-change. i think some other people haven't had as favorable experiences, but mine was good & i'd try them again.
    OH that coupon expires today!
  7. i got mine from the bazaaradriatic sale :] both were around $20.. hope they have a sale like that again someday!
  8. What Toki tee are you thinking of getting? :graucho:
  9. I want the Candy Angel one or the Adios and Ciao Ciao one:smile: