Cheapest place to buy Stam? NM?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Am seriously considering buying a stam.
    Just wondering where is the cheapest place to purchase?
    Cheapest i can find online is at NM for $795. I live in Ireland so would have to pay shipping and possibly customs.

    Any other options?
    Thanks a mill
  2. I just realised that the NM stam didn't have any handles.
    Am asking Diabro about shipping - thank you :smile:
  3. I've seen two different stam bags on the NM website. They have the East West satchel in dark blue and the mina bag in plum. The mina is not as deep as the satchel and only has the gold chain. Both bags are quilted with the elastic. I got the east west satchel on NM for $747 US. I saw the Mina very, very briefly on the website for $627 during the last call sale.