Cheapest place for Chanel in the US

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  1. I am hoping someone can help me out.
    I will be heading over to the US ( Hawaii, Vegas and New York) next month from Australia.

    I am looking to get either the classic flap in Medium or Large and am wondering if it is cheaper in any one of these places?

  2. the pricing is the same across the board here as far as I know.
  3. I think the price is standard. It's only the tax that varies from states, but you won't need to pay that if your flying back to Australia
  4. Thanks!!
  5. The only thing that I can think of is if you have a bit of luck and Saks or Neimans has a gift card promotion while you are here. Then you could get a little something extra. :smile: If you check tPF beforehand it will (of course) be up here. Have fun!
  6. Hawaii
  7. How much cheaper is it in Hawaii? Is it because of the tax? How does it work?
  8. If she purchases it in the U.S., why would she not pay tax? AFAIK, the U.S. does not offer tax refunds like European countries, who refund (some) taxes to non-residents on their departure from the EU. You might not pay tax if you have it shipped to another state, but otherwise, I believe she would charged the local/state tax.
  9. Yup I think you have to pay tax even if you're a tourist. I bought bags when I was in the States last year, and no one ever said anything about a tax refund for tourists!
  10. there are some refunds for tourist, My parents live across the border, and you can claim back the taxes for all your purchases and you have up to 3 months to claim them at the store, so either they give you the money or put it in your CC. The process has to be done by some one with notarial powers, and the fee they charge is quite low, we have been doint this the whole time, so just go to the store your planing to purchase like Saks o neimans, go to their costumer service department to see how much you can get, also some department stores offer direct discounts to tourist, you just have to ask at the cash register..... hope this helps, and good luck with your purchases, hope you love what you get..... good luck....
  11. This info may be out of date, but was what I did close to 2 years ago in the US. Hopefully someone will know if this is still done.

    Some US department stores have a discount voucher that they give tourists - you'll need to go to the customer service desk prior to making any purchases. I used this voucher instore (just in the general floor area), but don't know if it works in the designer concession stands.

    You could always just buy the bag here in Australia and claim the 10% tax back at the airport as you leave for your trip.
  12. Am still a little bit confused.
    So does this mean I should get my Chanel from Hawaii because taxes are lowest there?
  13. I think US is still cheaper than Australia even after tax.
  14. Tax is 4.7% in Hawaii