Cheapest place for a shoulder jpg birkin?

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  1. Hi there!

    Is it possible to get a shoulder JPG birkin anywhere? I guess France would be the cheapest place for one. Could someone tell me how much would it cost with taxfree in France and London? Thanks!
  2. The JPG has been discontinued and they are coming out with a new one later this year. There may still be some JPGs available, and I think France is cheaper based on the conversion rate (compared to me here in USA). You can also find JPGs through resellers if you go that route.
  3. CDL has lowered hers to 15K... Which I think is not bad for a price..
    MightyKistmet has some expensive ones, and then a White one for $14K
    and eBoutique has a STUNNING rouge garrance which I personally love for 12.5K.

    I think these retail for 10,500 plus tax... So, if you want one- contact one of these three people and see what they are willing to do for you.

    I too am excited about the new one-- But I think the old one will by far be my favorite.

  4. I think that it will be very difficult to find one from Hermès stores. Resellers have quite high prices, but occasionally you can find one a bit cheaper. Check, and ebay for some good deals.
  5. What country are you in? Some of the US stores are still receiving these bags (old style, not new).
  6. I saw one in Beverly Hills last wknd~
  7. Let-Trade has one in Potiron, decent price, IMO
  8. has one in Potiron right now.
  9. any pics of the new one?