Cheapest monogram tote

  1. What's the cheapest monogram bag can I purchase besides the pochette accessories ? A bag with considerable spacious room. Thanks
  2. The neverfull!
  3. Neverfull PM. Speedy's just a bit more, but it's not a shoulder bag and holds less.

    The Neverfull is such a good value at that price..durable and holds so much, but is still a luxury designer bag that is so stylish!
  4. There is also the Speedy and the Batignolles.
  5. Neverfull then the Batignolles
  6. The neverfull is the best deal.
  7. Neverfull! Speedy for a handheld...
  8. neverfull best bang for your buck.
  9. ^^^ ITA:yes:
  10. It's the neverfull. :smile:
  11. speedys are the best get the 30 or the 35
    you will love it
  12. Neverfull for sure!
  13. I like my speedy but it's no tote..But the neverfull looks really tempting :drool:
  14. :tup: neverfull
  15. neverfull! but it costs more than 2x as much as the pochette.