cheapest LV?

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  1. I was just wondering where in the world is the cheapest LV sold? As in after all the price conversions back to USD or Canadian. Is Hong Kong one of them and Paris I believe?
  2. For brand new, I belive France but for 2nd hand, I believe HK. I bought from LV store in Kowloon, HK and no tax..!
  3. they sell 2nd hand LV in HK?
  4. You could always check on :idea:
  5. :yes::yes:
  6. The cheapest LV is definitely NOT in Australia. :sad:
  7. Of course LV store not selling 2nd! I mean for 2nd LV, HK is the cheapest place. From HK reseller, I always buy from
  8. France is definitely the cheapest place to get LV :yes:
  9. nor in the Philippines:sad: :cursing:..
    When I went to france, the LV prices there, I think about $150 less than the prices here in manila... The MC koala bracelet was almost 1/3 the price here in manila...
  10. Hi, any 2nd hand branded shop in Aussie?
  11. France is for sure cheapest!!! Hong Kong is NOT cheaper for LV but there are many second hands stores, that's why you can do great bargains! :p
  12. somebody says something about singapore before! but never been there, so i have no idea hahaha:p For south east asia region may be?
  13. what about thailand???
  14. Paid about $150 (Aussie dollars) less for my BH in Singapore!:smile:
  15. I heard France and then Dubai!