Cheapest LV boutique in the world

  1. Ok, I've read that Hong Kong and Singapore have the cheapest LV boutiques, but some said Paris. Which one has the cheapest LV boutique in the world? Sorry guys, but this is very important to someone like me, who doesn't have Oprah money!
  2. Paris is the cheapest I'm almost positive, and you can get the tax back, so it becomes even cheaper! I think HK and Singapore are the cheapest in SE Asia...
  3. ^ I know where I want to go for my next vacation now... :graucho: Muhaha.
  4. Definitely Paris. It cannot be places in Asia since it is an import item.
  5. When you say cheapest. How cheap are u talking about?
  6. couldn't imagine anything in LV as 'cheap'!
  7. Cheaper than US prices, definitely! You can see the French prices on the French website, and even after converting to US$, it's definitely cheaper. Plus you can get the VAT tax back, making it even less when compared to US prices.

    For example, I got a damier speedy 30 and a framboise agenda from Germany in the fall (Germany's prices are a few euros more than France's prices). The speedy 30 was 425 euros, minus 41 euros for the taxback, so it came out to 384 euros, or about $486. The agenda PM was 205 euros minus 19 euros = 186 euros, or about $233.
  8. Paris is the cheapest.
  9. That's why I said "cheapest"
  10. the only reason it might be cheaper in Hong Kong is that there is no sales tax there. so you save on the tax. but the prices are about the same if not, a little more expensive, depending on the exchange rate, since the U.S. dollar is dropping in value.

    buying the bags from its place of origin should be cheaper. thats why buying Gucci bags in Italy is cheaper compared to the U.S. prices.
  11. WOW! I think that is a deal... was this recently or a couple years ago???
  12. ^^ it is definitely a deal. If you would like to check the current prices, just go to LV website, choose France for the country. I ALWAYS, droll over the price there... even suhali line didnt seem soo bad in that site *in term of prices*
  13. I thought all Euro using countries were pretty much the cheapest option, with France being the cheapest, especially when getting VAT back.
  14. how about LV in Monaco. my brother bought baggy pmfor me in monaco and its the same price as france. dont know if there is any tax rebate though
  15. Recently - just last September, 2006. I wish I was going back there again soon!