Cheapest Luxury Shopping in Asia

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I just posted this in the H forum but I wanted to post here as well. I'm moving from Canada to Singapore in a week (yay!) and a girl's gotta ask...where should I go for my luxury shopping in Asia (or more specifically...SE Asia)? I am looking for a luggage tote (YUM!!!)

  2. Hi I'm leaving in Singapore for nine years, you have to work hard to get luggage here, Hong Kong a bit easy. It's so sold out very quick here.
  3. Forgot to mention we pay here premium price for everything! More expensive than Europe and States!
  4. Seconded. Luxury goods in Singapore are not cheap and the stock tends to be limited. If you're really keen on Celine and less bothered about the price differential (if you are, the place the buy is Europe, not Asia), I recommend Japan. After currency conversion and the tax refund, the bags cost about the same as those in Singapore. BUT, from my personal experience, there's plenty of choice, Micros, Minis, and noone will try to tell you that you need to get on a waitlist.
  5. hi, do you have any contacts from japan that sells the micro size?

    and i second the above comments. i'm from singapore and everything is so expensive. my bags are all bought overseas either through mail or phone order. singapore is the last place you wanna buy a luxury bag.
  6. Hi, unfortunately, no. I was there on a conference about a year ago and merely popped in for a quick look. The store in Mitsukoshi Ginza (Tokyo) had alot of Micros. I was shown at least 6, including a smooth black and a pebbled dark chocolate that I've never seen anywhere else before. Despite my complete inability to speak Japanese and the SAs' limited ability to speak English, I gathered that Micros were not such a rarity there as they seem to be elsewhere. The SAs are very friendly as well and don't see the point in putting you through some obstacle course (hello HK, Singapore, Paris!) to get the bag you want. Check out Celine the next time you're in Japan. They have so many boutiques and corners all over the country. :tup: