Cheapest east/west (around the world...)

  1. Hi All!
    Hoping you could help me out...I have my heart set on buying an east/west on my big trip in a couple of weeks. I'm going to Paris, Milan, London, NYC, as well as other cities in those countries....and I have been told there is a slight price difference between counties.
    Can anyone tell me where I can pick up the cheapest Chanel?!

    Thank you very much !! :heart:
  2. An E/W what?
    Which bag in E/W shape?
  3. The cheapest east west that I know off that is $1050. THat comes in caviar leather.
  4. In OZ the cheapest one was last season stock AU$1400 in latte.
  5. seriously, what bag are you guys talking about?
    The Flap, the Vintage Ligne, etc. . . {?}
  6. East-west flap

    This is loveone7 's beautiful east west bag.
    From the resource.
  7. she didn't say Flap in the question did she?

    I'm SOO literal. . . I can't help it!
  8. Oh so sorry for the confusion!! I'm not really good at the Chanel lingo...! I thought that there was only one type of east/west!!
    The pic that allbrandpls posted is exactly the one I want! Its gorgeous!!
    I acutally live in Australia, and heard the France was cheaper.
    Anyone with international Chanel shopping tips?

    Thanks for all the replies girls!

  9. There is only one kind of east west bag. The one that was posted belongs to me. Well I am not sure how much it is in France but in USD, it is $1050.
  10. DOes anyone know the style code for the east west bag?
  11. It's A28598.
  12. If you have a US passport then they will give you the tax back when you exit the EU. Commercial tax here is 16-20% depending on the country so you're definitely on a winner!
  13. Thanks Tammy518;)
  14. Thanks everyone! How exciting! Paris it is for an east west bag!! (loveone7 yours is just gorgeous - its been my inspiration!!)