Cheapest country to buy LV

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone knows which country sells LV the cheapest. I bought some from China and they're heaps more expensive than Hong Kong!!


  2. I hear it´s France
  3. Agree with Nola, I think it is France.
  4. Nope. it's not france. it's germany-frankfurt.
  5. mebe we can do wat the 'geeks' do wif ranking ipod nano prices.... convert the price of a permanent line bag eg...a monogram canvas speedy 30 using the currency rate on and then we rank the countries in terms of price :biggrin:
  6. i thought it was sweden
  7. i would think that it is france.
  8. France
  9. Bonjour, it's France.
  10. how much cheaper is it in china then HK?
  11. That's a good idea. I had heard France had the best prices, but it would be interesting to actually do a comparison.

    The mono canvas speedy 30 is $620 here in U.S.

    LV France website lists the same bag at 415 Euros, which translates to $537.31 at today's rates.

    LV UK has the mono canvas speedy 30 for 310 Pounds, which is roughly $612.57

    I don't know how to find the prices in other countries...
  12. HK is alot cheaper than China (up to 30% less i think), but i hear that Macau is cheaper than HK
  13. Adding on to 'More lv please's list..i guess its safe to say dont buy in NZ!

    Mono Canvas Speedy 30

    in US - $620.00
    in France - $537.31
    in UK - $612.57
    in NZ - $740.94 (retail) $650.07 (duty free)

    all listed in usd! using exchange rates on
  14. WOW! the Mono Speedy 30 in France is really cheap compared to Thailand's price!
    Thanks so much vmpyre for your great info.
  15. lol. i did that on uk, and the vavin gm (normally 1050)
    is 667 dollars!