Cheapest chinchilla clutch ever !

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  1. looks like a furby IMHO
  2. I love it! You can cuddle it in the taxi on the way home to keep warm. X
  3. My 2 pet chinchillas are offended by this.:tdown:
  4. My 3 pet chinchillas are offended by this as well. If I wanted to "Enjoy a touch of luxury in chinchilla!" I can take Meatball out of his cage and pet him. He sits in my lap and watches TV with me! Or I can just wait for him to tell me what he wants. His different cooing noises says if he wants TV time or play time. His barking means he wants alone time. He has never once given me his "I want to be skinned alive noise". Just my two cents from an owner of 3 intelligent, adorable, friendly, cuddly, loving chinchillas.
  5. Chinchilla fur on actual chinchillas: :tup:

    Chinchilla fur on this purse: :tdown:
  6. are mine.

    fur is gorgeous on the animals - where it belongs.

    /end rant.

  7. if it was rabbit I think my 3 bunnies would feel the same way:P

    and thank for the laugh :smile:
  8. double post!


    but I still know my rabbits would be offended
  9. Wow. Okay, Project Runway fans and animal lovers, here's something for you. I'd seen part of this clip, but not all of it.
  10. That montrosity is what the poor defenseless animal unwillingly gave up it's life? Yuck! THe fur looks better on the animal than that bag.
  11. Not to highjack the thread, but wow. I love Tim Gunn even more now. Thanks for posting the link, even though I couldn't make it through it. I had the option to stop the video, but these animals don't have the option to not become coats and bags. :sad: This is why I'm a vegetarian!
  12. Hard to watch huh? I know. I'm veggie too - 10 years now. :smile:
  13. Sorry, not cute or cool IMO. :sad:
  14. OK so chinchilla is not okay but croc, ostrich, lizard, python, goat, sheep, and cow's leather is?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.