cheapest chanel bags??

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  1. hi all!! i've seen many chanel bags that are in the $1500's range, but i was wondering what were the cheaper styles. obviously none are gonna be CHEAP...but is there any one that isn't insanely expensive?? under $1000 or something like that...thaaanks!!
  2. currently, the only "cheap" one I can think of is the cambon pochette for $795
  3. ^just about to post that! that's the cheapest bag i can think of, and the new caviar clutches are relatively affordable under $900.
  4. isn't the coco cabas in vinyl $995?
  5. arent the east west pochettes approx 1050?
  6. yeah the east west is 1051 in caviar but in lambskin idk
  7. I think the petite shopper is the most bang for the buck at $1095 unless you are looking for a pochette or clutch.
  8. hmm those are some good prices, thanks a lot!!

    i saw in another thread someone who got a pouchette for 300 something, is that unusual? are there any specific accessories, wallets that can function as a small bag, or just a small bag, that are under $500?? or am i completely out of luck...
  9. If you are patient and keep your eyes and ears open you will find good deals. There is a wallet in caviar that can be worn messenger style...the name of it eludes me.

    here is an auction of what i'm referring to...although i have no idea pertaining to its authenticity. Chanel Black Caviar Leather Gold Chain Wallet Bag (item 190054087242 end time 27-Nov-06 22:18:59 EST)
  10. oh wow, thanks, blushingbaby. that wallet is reeeally cute. i'm gonna try to find its name! THANKS!!
  11. Lol I know it's probably not what you want, but my small yellow Valentine hobo was only $525. It's really small though, not a shoulder bag at all.
  12. the clutch in lambskin (not caviar) which i just bought is around 1100 USD ... and once in a while the novelty bags will be 'inexpensive' for Chanel, last cruise season i got the airplane bag for rougly 900 usd but I have been told by the SA here in HK that prices are up come december .... my 2.55 was 1600 including tax two years ago ... i think that 1600 is on the lower end of the base price of a Chanel ...
  13. i was actually searching for that valentine hobo!! i couldn't find any listings for it anywhere besides ebay - i just wanted to get a sense of the current cost and availability. i guess i should try the boutique?
  14. Sure, I'd try it now. I don't really THINK they all sold out, so there might still be some around. Definitely call and ask about it!
  15. i was at the boutique yesterday, but no yellow bag. HOWEVER, i did see that gorgeous violet lady braid flap that i would die to own. i am just hurting myself by going in there...nothing under $500.