Cheapest Authentic Chanel Bag

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  1. I love Chanel bags but they are always so expensive. The average price I've seen on Purse Blog is well over $1000 with some over $3000!!

    Thats a bit out of my price range.

    Has anyone come across any bargain authentic Chanel bags?

    I'm not looking to buy a Chanel just for the sake of it. But just wondering if there are any bargains out there to be had. :smile:
  2. you might have more luck in the chanel forum
  3. With all due respect, Chanel isn't a "budget" brand. Some bags do go on sale after a few seasons (not the classics for the most part) but even with sales, I'd say the majority of (leather) bags still tend to be $1000+. My advice would be to "stalk" the Chanel forum for mentions of sales and the like and see what you can find that you like and you're comfortable buying. Chanel is getting closer and closer to the $2000 mark with each increase.
  4. I'm not really looking for a $50 bargain or anything. Just wondering if there are ever some $500 - $700 Chanel bags floating around from time to time. I'll keep my nose in the Chanel forum :smile:
  5. only on eBay or pieces that didn't sell well a few times a year on sale.
  6. I got my cambon wallet on eBay for $100, and the retail was $600. So there are Chanel bargains to find on eBay, you just have to be patient and do a lot of research.
  7. Honestly, the closest I can think of ($1195) is the timeless clutch or the small rock flap.
  8. Oh, there is also the satin clutch that I think is around $899 or something.
  9. If you're not looking for leather bag you can buy the tote of the Travel Line.
    I attach a picture. I think it retails for about 500/600 euro.
  10. Are they still making the cotton club pochette? That was a great price for a cute bag. Makes a great first Chanel bag.
  11. Not sure about that one, but I did see the Cambons at NM. I think they may be in the same range though I'm not 100%.
  12. It's really a matter of luck, timing and patience on ebay but that is your best bet. I won a dark brown Medallion tote for $776 in very good condition. First decide what style bag you want and peruse ebay religiously. Some sellers don't list the bags by name so I always do random searches for "Chanel bag", "Chanel tote", "Chanel purse", and "Chanel handbag". This usually covers all the bases and lists a wide variety of colors and styles.

    If you need the bag authenticated for peace of mind before bidding, post the ebay link in the "Authenticate this" sticky in the Chanel Shopping forum.
  13. You can still find the cotton club pouchette in stock (SF Neiman's has one in bronze for $795) and I think the PST is a relatively inexpensive for the size for $1,350.
  14. Howabout a chanel wallet on a chain? I got mine for approx £700 recently and it is really sweet looking. Its like a small version of a bag, I got the black lambskin quilted version, has the CC on the front and I think is classic chanel. Plus, you can actually fit quite a lot in it as you are not carrying a wallet as well! I have a chanel jersey flap but I can actually fit MORE into my wallet on chain (it carries my phone, car keys and ipod including my cards/ money etc). I think its a nice starter bag and one that is classic enough to see me through many years :smile:

    Do a search on wallet on chains - there are some photos on the chanel accessories thread in the chanel reference library.
  15. Plus the chain is long enough to wear the bag across your body, or you can double the chain so that you can wear it over your shoulder like a shoulder bag - or even put the chain inside the bag and wear it as a clutch.

    So for the price, I think you get three bags in one!

    Can you tell i LOVE my wallet on a chain???!