Cheaper version of this Chunky/Blanket sweater

Jan 22, 2008
Hello all! I am looking for a cheaper version of this chunky sweater, I would like it to be gray or olive green and not have alpaca or rabbit hair or angora.

Any suggestions!?
Jan 22, 2008
The original is 500. I'm willing to spend about 200 as long as it doesn't have any of those fibers in it. NO ONE is making sweaters without them this year and it's SO annoying because they make me itch, I cannot even touch them without itching.

The Vince one is great but still almost as expensive as the original, unfortunately.

Thanks for all the others! I think I like the VS one the best. I love the J.Crew one but it is too short for the look I'm going for, especially since I am really tall.


Apr 30, 2006
Love the NM one! The Victoria Secret one is great also, especially for the price
Oct 29, 2006
Los Angeles
That's weird that alpaca and rabbit hair are so popular this year. I personally dislike them because they shed all over everything. The rabbit hair/angora stuff is particularly bad because it sheds hairs that look exactly like cat hairs and then everyone assumes you are a crazy cat lady!

ETA: Uh oh, just realized the VS one looks like it has "mohair" in it, which is angora goat -- did you mean angora rabbit when you said you were allergic? I didn't even know they had angora goats.. :nuts: