cheaper lv in singapore?

  1. guys! is it true that lv is cheaper in singapore than in hongkong? how about in taiwan?
  2. This is kind of off-topic, but when Francs were the French currency, most Louis Vuitton pieces ended up costing 20-30% less in France than in the US. I almost bought the graffiti pochette in France for about $180USD when it was selling for quite a bit more in the States. I'm still kicking myself for backing out of that purchase.

    LOL I was very upset when the EU switched over to the Euro. And now with our weak dollar, LV ends up costing less here in the States! :lol:
  3. so u meaning NOW lv is cheaper in US compare to france? i thought i heard france is still cheaper after getting back the VAT ??
  4. Louis Vuitton is a little less in India. The Sonatine was going to end up costing about $50 less (than the US).
  5. Nope, HK is cheaper, there's no TAX there :smile:
  6. Not with how weak our dollar is these days. Sometimes you can get deals on Italian goods, but that's because they go on sale, especially during the summer. I was going to get the Onatah PM last summer in Prague, but it was costing about $100 more than in the US, even after the VAT refund. I know that's not alot, but I just didn't like the bag enough to justify paying what I consider to be a $80 premium for that bag. A lot of times you never actually end up getting the VAT back....especially if you do it by mail. It takes forever for the refund check to arrive, sometimes up to one year!
  7. Apparently Dubai has no import taxes, so designer goods are supposed to cost less there too. I guess the absence of taxes is why Dubai is such a shopping hotspot.
  8. so now where can get the cheapest LV? dubai ? anybody can confirm this? thanks.
  9. the prices are almost the same.. :smile: -- HK and in Sing
  10. recently my cousin purchased lv from hongkong and singapore. she said singapore is cheaper by 60 sing. but somebody told her that lv is cheaper in taiwan. now im confused. where is lv cheaper?
  11. why this topic is moved? to where??
  12. which particular bag is cheaper in where? or does it apply to all LVs?
  13. I don think so. But definately cheaper in france or paris, since tourists get VAT refund. But I also think it depends on currency exchange rate, if u noe what I mean... :rolleyes:
  14. Anyone knows if LV is cheaper in Dubai? ;)
  15. I have purchased several things in Dubai. They are relatively cheaper by about $20-$75 depending on what you buy...

    And the service is great (at Burjumann Centre anyway...)