Cheaper in France?!?!


Feb 9, 2006
Never had a problem with my VAT refunds either. I would travel and byu where ever I am in Europe and when I leave the EU, I have them stamp it and them drop the envelop in the post at the airport. A few weeks later, it woud start appearing on my credit card statement.

One thing is that you nede to be sure that you have the goods with you in case, the agent wants to see that you actually possess them and is leaving the country with them.


Nov 26, 2005
yes , i agree... even more expensive than in london! also, i heard that you can;t claim back taxes even when you leave the country... not too sure... but stick to europe where it's cheaper!

happy1 said:
Luxury goods are more expensive in China.


Sep 22, 2005
vuittonGirl said:
OMG, this whole thing a/b claiming VAT, presenting the forms at customs, etc... so complicated.
I got excited when knowing that LV is cheaper in Europe, but hearing all the troubles that we'll have to go thru.... May be it's not all that great to purchase in Europe
Oh it's definitely worth it. Not much trouble for non-EU citizens. It's really just 2-3 step process. 1. fill in form in the store, 2. go to custom to have it stamp with your purchases, 3. Post it at the airport, or you can get the refund rightaway if they have a VAT refund desk at the airport. 10-13% is worth it!