Cheaper in France?!?!

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  1. Hey all! :biggrin: I recently went on Well, you know when they give you the choice for US or France? I chose the French site, just for kicks **testing out my six years or French language skill**. Well one thing I noticed is that the French people get to buy DIRECTLY from the website, AND that when their prices are converted from Euros into USD, the price for the bag in France in Euros, is less than that same bag here in USD! Example: On LV's French website, the cost for buying a Keepall 55 with strap is 710 EUROS. Well, 710 EUROS is converted to $859.20 USD! So then why is the Keepall 55 with strap selling in the states for $1,000 USD (826 EUROS)???? This really gets me mad :evil: about you?
  2. Robbie,
    Have you ordered from ELuxury before?
    I wanted to know how they ship your LV.....If I ordered a hangbag, does it come with the sleeper and a nice LV box?

    I know you are a LV lover and I have just become very interested in them .


    (I wonder why the price is cheaper over there)
  3. When you order from eLuxury... I'm pretty sure that bags are place in eLuxury boxes, but they DO come with their original dust bags. (this is just from what I've gathered...)
  4. All LV items are cheaper in Europe. I bought my Speedy 30 in Copenhagen Denmark and it was $460, on elux it's $560. The Ludlow wallet I bought was $190 and on elux it is $240.

    So yeah, everything is cheaper in Europe.. And when I go back to the states I'm going to reclaim the sales tax, which is 12% in Denmark.. In sweden it will be 25%.
  5. OMG 25%?! That is simply outrageous!
  6. Yeah, the sales tax in Sweden is 25% on most items :wacko: So it won't make the LV cheaper, I can just reclaim it when I go back to the states.. so it'll probably be the same as it would be to buy it in Copenhagen. Hmm, I think I can reclaim the sales tax.. I'm a swedish citizen and an american resident.. Well I'll try at least :P I plan on buying some goodies in Stockholm next month :lol:

    I heard that the cheapest place to buy LV's is in Paris, but I could be wrong..
  7. wait im confused, what do you mean buy reclaiming it in the states? are you saying that you can buy the bag cheaper in France but if you 'reclaim' it in the states you only get whatever tax you get from your state?
  8. I think what she's referring to is "reclaiming" the VAT (value-added tax) which is assessed all goods in Europe. As a non-european citizen, we are able to 'reclaim' it (it gets refunded to you - either on your credit card or you get cash). So, when she comes back to the states, she gets the refund.
  9. I think you pay the tax in the country you buy stuff from but reclaim it while exiting at the customs or something. I've heard my parents talk about this but I don't exactly know how it works.
  10. Unless you request your item to be giftboxed, the bag comes in the dustbag in the Louis Vuitton box. If you request it to be giftboxed it'll come in the silver eluxury box and the dustbag.
  11. oh i see, thanks for clearing it up.
  12. If you bought LV in China then it would definitely be cheaper. If I were to get the Batignolles Horizontal in China how much would it be?Anyone know how many CNYs for the bag?
  13. Really?! When I went to China over xmas two years ago, the tour guide (and my dad) told me that LV and basically any luxury product would be more expensive because of import fees and such.
  14. That's what I meant ;) thanks! But the base price for LV's, even before reclaiming the VAT, is cheaper in Europe.
  15. I don't think it's cheaper in china.. Unless one were to go one of their mirror image replica factories :wacko: (I know that's not what you meant :P )