Cheaper in France? Duty Free?

  1. Ok odd question but my sister wants a Burberry nova check bag and I'll be in France this month. Are Burberry bags cheaper in France? I know they're British, but I was just wondering. I also live by a Burberry outlet, so I definitely don't want to pay more overseas.
  2. Assuming you are from the United States, then not really, if you convert the amount you are spending in Euros back into is more. For instance, I paid 385 euros for my bag and that came up to 500.00USD. I could have saved a few dollars if i had bought it over here. I will say the vacation part is probably what made me buy it there because it was exciting, however I probably should have bought it over here in the states. USD are worth less in comparison to the Euro because last I remember, the exchange was something like this $1.00 USD = 0.74 euros. The exchange rate wasn't very good.
  3. Ok thanks!