1. A friend of mine came in from Texas. :yahoo: She recently got engaged and the ring is really pretty. So, me and her were eatring lunch and this lady says nice ring and the lady she was with says it's kind of cheap looking. :wtf: :cursing: We ignored her, but I was poed. :sad: How would you react if someone said yours was cheap? I hope this never happens to me, I'm upset enough as is. :p
  2. That was incredibly rude of the other woman to say something like that! It just proves that some people have no manners and don't belong in public.
    I hope your friend continues to enjoy her beautiful engagement ring!
  3. I would have ignored her too! She's just jealous!!! That kind of a remark shouldn't be dignified with an answer!!!
  4. Probably jealous. What a :censor:!
  5. how awful some people act like they were raised by hyenas

  6. :roflmfao: ITA, people are so rude and say things just to be rude sometimes
  7. OH

    She must've been VERY jealous, there's no other reasonable explanation for any 'human' to say that to another.
  8. Holy cow! Who says that kind of stuff?! Those would be fighting words to me. But I have a pretty hot temper :cursing:
  9. she is just jealous. i have heard similar stories before.
  10. What that woman said was pretty tasteless. The audacity of some people is unbelievable.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one offended. I thought maybe I took it too seriously.
  12. that was ruuuude! i hope your friend didn't get offended or anything.
  13. Petty jealousy sure is ugly. I hope she forgets about the rude woman.

    I pity someone who has so little class that they let verbal diarhea spew from their mouth like that. Disgusting.
  14. Incredible. I can't even find the right words to describe how that makes me feel and I don't even know you or your friend! Absolutely no class.
  15. Oh I feel so bad for your poor friend!!

    I have people ask me if my engagement ring is real pretty often...I think because people assume b/c my fiancee and I are young (23) that my ring can't possibly be real.

    Blech. Some people have no manners! :sad: