Cheap way to send internatinal w/ tracking ?

  1. Hello,

    Is anyone a shipping expert here?

    I am thinking of not dealing with international buyers anymore only bc I know Pay pal doesn't protect sellers that ship to most countries with unconfirmed addresses.

    I use USPS for all of my shipping and was wondering if UPS offers First-Class like service but with some sort of INTERNATIONAL TRACKING / DELIVERY CONFIRMATION? If there is some sort of reasonable priced tracking then I wouldn't mind about the unconfirmed address. As long as I know they will get their items.

    Most of the items I sell are about 2 oz or 6 oz so mailing them via First Class USPS is very cheap but theres no tracking or D.C available.

    Please help me if you know!
    Thank you...
  2. Tracking is not available on first class international mail. It is on priority mail international, but not on the flat rate envelope, which of course is the cheapest way to go. The least expensive service that offers tracking and insurance is the non-flat rate priority mail international, and you are looking at $17.10 without insurance for a 6oz package. USPS will do nothing to locate a lost package for you if you don't purchase insurance. I don't know how much your items are selling for, but you are covered for up to $61.28 for the indemnity insurance that is automatically included. Anything above that you would have to pay extra to cover your item.

    Also, from experience the tracking on priority mail international is not very good. I've been sending everything express mail(EMS) international because the package has to be signed for. Can you tell I've been burned a couple of times? Express mail also gets to where it's going a lot quicker. I don't even put priority mail international on any of my auctions anymore. EMS is the only option and if an international buyer doesn't want to pay that much for shipping, well then too bad, don't buy my item.

    I've gotten burned a few times with priority mail int where someone claims they didn't get their item. This was before I was insuring EVERYTHING. Even if it is insured, it takes USPS up to 60 days to investigate a lost package. Then after the 60 days they send you the claim form to get your money, which takes forever too!

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. skigirl73- i'm sure that will help a lot of people!

    ems does deliver VERY quickly...usually five days for international delivery.
  4. I almost exclusively buy from U.S. sellers (I'm in Switzerland) and they either use USPS global priority mail (international) which offers tracking and insurance up to $500 OR USPS global express mail which also offers tracking and insurance (don't know max amount). I have to sign for the package(s).
    So far it has worked great!
  5. Thanks! EMS is definitely the way to go. Priority takes forever to get to Canada for some reason. Doesn't really make sense, since we are right next door! (or should I say below?)
  6. In May USPS changed some of the international shipping. Global priority mail actually doesn't exist anymore. Although it seems that the name was just changed and it costs more! I think what they did was just standardize all of the USPS shipping supplies to use in both the U.S. and internationally. Some countries I have had no problems with the priority, but the few that I did have were really annoying. Especially when dealing with PayPal, who will give the buyer their money back for an item not received, when the item is more than likely in customs. But since the tracking on priority is not always reliable, they can't tell and can't make the buyer try to contact customs. So, I've just resorted to EMS only because it is safer... And I'm sure buyers appreciate getting their stuff quicker too! :smile:
  7. What is the difference between EMS(Global Express) versus Express Mail? Both offer tracking and delivery confirmation with optional insurance. Why does everyone prefer EMS instead of the cheaper Express Mail option?
  8. Express Mail is for US only. Global Express is for international only. That's why the Express is cheaper.

    I've shipped internationally mostly with Global Priority, and (knock on wood) have not had any problems.
  9. As of the middle of May, express mail is for both U.S. and international. There is a express 'guaranteed' that is also available for both that is an overnight service, however usually takes 2-3 days for international. The regular express mail is 1 day for U.S. and 3-5 for international. There is no global priority or global express anymore.
  10. EMS is express mail. The guaranteed service gets there quicker, but is much more expensive. I believe both offer the same insurance options.
  11. this actually helps with a potential buyer from korea. ems is the way to go, i am assuming.
  12. Definitely! The package has to be signed for and it comes with up to $100 insurance included. Additional insurance can be purchased and is pretty reasonable. The tracking is also much more reliable that priority mail international.
  13. I forgot to come back and say THANK YOUU!!
  14. Can someone please tell me..I did a price check on shipping a 6lb item to Italy and it shows up as very expensive! I feel bad telling the buyer they have to pay this much but then I want to protect myself.

    I'm confused on intn' shipping.

    Which one has full tracking? Not just a tracking that says its been delivered to the country, but to their door step that some has to sign for it?

    Express Mail® International ?


    Global Express Guaranteed® ?
  15. i don't ship outside the u.s. it's just not worth the headache