"Cheap vs Expensive make up brands" Any difference?

  1. I use both kinds of products. I think some of the higher end products offer more versatility. For example, I'm very fair and I never could really find a good foundation that didn't look greasy or turn me another shade. With higher end brands, I have more of a choice. However, I think a lot of the times, people are paying for the name or like someone else mentioned, the packaging.
  2. Do you live outside the US? I know here in the US you can return used makeup to the drugstore.
  3. I am all over the map and have absolutely no brand loyalty - I just use what I like and experiment all the time.

    Two of my biggest drugstore "surprises" have been Revlon ColorStay foundation and Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara. Excellent!! and a fraction of dept store prices.

    I also agree the right brushes make a huge difference, no matter how cheap or expensive the product is. THAT's a good investment...just like a chef needs great knives, makeup needs great brushes! The tiny brushes and sponge applicators that come with lots of products should be tossed, LOL!
  4. I think expensive brands do tend to use higher quality ingredients, more fancy plant extracts and things like that. The packaging also tends to be nicer. BUT, I have very sensitive skin and sometimes cannot tolerate some of those extracts, and I feel like many of those "special" ingredients don't really do anything. So do I think expensive = better? No, not always.

    Some cheap products I love: CoverGirl foundations, Jane blushes, Revlon eyeliners, L'Oreal lippies, Max Factor mascaras.

    ... And for each cheap product I love, there's probably 2 or more expensive ones I dislike!
  5. I generally use only higher end products, but there are some drugstore items I refuse to give up (Coty Airspun loose powder). I have used many drugstore cosmetics in the past. There are some areas where I notice large differences in quality - namely foundation, nail polish, most hair products, brushes. There are also some items where I don't see a lot of difference in the inexpensive and the department store versions - the first one that comes to mind for me is lip balms. I have also found mascaras to be one of the products where it is hit or miss equally for expensive and inexpensive products.

    I think in the end it just depends on what works best for *you.*
  6. If I was asked this question in my younger days I definitely would've said that inexpensive make up can be just as good as the more high end brands, but now that I think of it, pretty much none of my 'go to' products are drugstore brands. I'm not exactly sure why. I prefer Diorshow mascara, the only shade of lipstick that looks good on me is Rouge Dior in box office beige, I wear Dior or Chanel liquid eyeliner pencil and when it comes to foundation I usually switch between Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish mousse and Dior Airflash. I'm sure I could get pretty much the exact same look with drugstore make up, but I've found that it's better to stick with what works for you rather than experimenting. I'm in Europe and here you cannot return make up anywhere, and I do have a bunch of drugstore foundations sitting around that just doesn't work for me. Actually, I have a bunch of higher end foundations that don't look good on me either, so that doesn't really mean that brand name products are any better. :shrugs:
  7. I think that it doesnt depend on the pricetag its the product! Also I dont think brands are good at everything e.g. mac does good eyeshadows but their mascaras arent that good. Although I tend to use a lot more mid end products such as mac, urban decay and benefit, I also think a lot of cheaper brands are good too especially revlon and barry m :biggrin:
  8. For complexion stuff (foundation, powder etc.), I tend to go for high-end brands. I don't know, they just seem to work better than drugstore brands. However, I think some drugstore mascaras could give expensive ones a run for their money.
  9. I love revlon colour stay! and maybeline's lash stiletto.
  10. i agree. for foundation, concealer, powder, your skin has to work with the formula and this is possible with a drugstore product, but not for everyone. i think this is the area to spend (if you need to) because good foundation/flawless skin makes the overall look better.

    i love covergirl lashblast. it's as good as givenchy, ysl and dior, imho.
  11. For skincare, I tend to go highend...La Mer, Orlane, Darphin. But as far as mascara, nail polish and lips I can go cheaper drugstore brands. For mascara I love Cover Girl and L'Oreal. I did just find a cute lipgloss from VS. It's only $10, and keep trying it when I go to the malls. I need to just throw in the towel and buy it already!
  12. I love this topic! Great thread!!!

    Okay, for the most part I use higher end makeup, mostly Clinique. I tend to buy high end for foundation (mostly because of less oxidation), face powder, blush and lipstick.

    However, I have VERY sensitive eyes, and I cannot wear eyeshadows or mascaras without getting really red, irritated eyes. I have tried Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Origins, Elizabeth Arden....and I can't wear any of them! So for eyeshadows I wear Almay or Physicians's Forumula, and I wear Almay for mascara---and I have no problems!
  13. For me it depends. Mascara's I think drugstore brands work wonderfully and often times better than high end ones. Same thing goes for stuff like lipgloss and *sometimes* lipsticks. But stuff like foundation/powder/and eyeshadows...I like high end. I would rather spend my money on products with good pigmentation and better quality than drugstore stuff, and those particular items usually fall into that category.
  14. i like the whole aura of expensive makeup.

    if you got to CVS to buy foundation, you have to try the tester on your hand or put your skin up to these plastic flashcards. With Sephora or over the counter, the Makeup artist puts the product on your face and gives you suggestions on getting that desired look.

    Not to mention you can get makeovers or try new looks with these artists using the products. For drugstore makeup, its really trial and error
  15. I completely agree with Jahpson. I'm sure that there are sometimes NO difference between cheap & expensive makeup products (depends on what though)... but I don't care to do trial & error. It's just more convenient to go to Sephora rather than a drugstore & have to try to "guess".