"Cheap vs Expensive make up brands" Any difference?

  1. Hi all!!

    I was reading another beauty forum about the difference between cheap/expensive make Brands, I would like all of you to share your experience please.

    For me; I cant stand Loreal: I think they spend all the money in publicity instead of quality products, (I tried the make base and few other products and they just sucks.

    I love love Collosal mascara from Maybeline, (its like 7€).

    Nars for me is my HG in base fundation: Sheer Glow, just my skin colour and last for hours!

    Loose powder: Chanel number 50Peche.... the finest powder ever and...sheer, makes you look healthy in a sec.

    Any experiences?
  2. For me much of the difference is in the amount of pigmentation and the way that particular cosmetics item works with your skin. For example, I have noticed that MAC's eyeshadows blend better and are generally more pigmented than drugstore brands. Also, cheap foundations tend to oxidize on your skin more often than higher-end formulas (for some reason, foundation tends to be one product for which you can really tell whether or not it's high end). That said, more expensive isn't always better -- I agree with you that drugstore/cheaper mascaras in particular are often every bit as good if not better at times than expensive mascaras. I also don't care for L'Oreal in general (I think that their color cosmetics, particularly the lipsticks/glosses, are too perfumed and sweet-tasting), but find their mascaras to be good.

    There are lots of other threads about drugstore vs. department store brands around here as well. The comparisons are very interesting, IMO. :smile:

  3. agree, thats pretty much the difference right there and i also find that chanel nailpolishes have less of a nailpolishy scent than low end brands.
  4. ^ I think you are right w/ pigmentation, blending, etc.

    I don't buy MAC, but I have cheap shadows and then nicer ones from Tarte or Stila. The more expensive ones are smoother and aren't gritty like the cheaper ones. Foundation is one that I can't find a match w/ cheaper makeup b/c I'm blonde, but I have beige undertones, not pink. The only company with a really good match for me is Tarte, although I can do translucent powders from most any company b/c they aren't pigmented like foundation is. I'm finicky about the smell of things too and agree that some lower end brands have a chemical or very sweet smell. Some higher end brands do too and I don't buy those!

    I love Tarte's mascara- Tarte is my favorite!- but other than that, I'll take drugstore over higher end mascara.

    With nail polish, cheaper ones like Wet n Wild, NYC brand, etc., chip in no time flat and OPI, Essie or Zoya stay for a few days to a week for me.
  5. I have high and low that I like. The only difference to me is that expensive is more hit than miss, though both have their winners and losers.
  6. I also agree, the more expensive makeup seems to have more pigmentation. However, that's not always the case. The Sleek eye shadow palette, found at SuperDrug in the Uk, is highly pigmented and it's only around £5.
  7. I tend to use the more expensive brands (Chanel, Shu Uemura, MAC,and Clinque) in make up because for( foundation and powder- Shu Uemura) it's hard for me to find the right match. And many eye make up products that are more expensive tend to blend better and stay on longer. I use Korres face primer which is light weight. But some of the drugstore brands are fine too (lip gloss or lipstick. )
  8. I honestly find expensive brands to be expensive because of packaging. but i still use it because I am putting stuff on my face and eyes. For the body, I use anything really.
  9. Good thread!

    IMO Dior mascara is CRAP and about $24 a tube whereas Cover Girl lash blast is like $8 and NEVER smudges and is jet black!

    However, I cannot stand any eyeshadow that is from a drugstore/cheap. They just don't stay on and it takes too many coats for the color to appear. I'm a fan of Bobbi Brown! Her eyeliner is amazing too.
  10. I like drugstore mascaras better than higher end mascaras- I really don't like some Mac mascaras especially b/c they're clumpy on me, and I find that Maybelline mascaras have the perfect consistency for full and natural looking eyes.

    As for eyeshadow, I haven't found a good translucent nude or brown shimmer shadow from a drugstore that fits my everyday needs - I'd rather use Estee Lauder or Lorac.

    I don't use lipstick or lipgloss much, but I think that they have some great colors to choose from.
  11. It's funny - as soon as I saw this thread, my first thought is that drugstore mascara is SO much better than the really expensive brands - I've tried dozens of different ones trying to find the one that won't move at all and have a stash of the original Revlon colorstay that is the bomb. I've had pretty much equal success with lipbalms spendy and not - I'm mostly looking for the spf and a sheer color that doesn't look terrible in one light or the other.

    For other things, it's more hit and miss. I tend to go higher end on my skincare, but that's my little weakness.
  12. I like Revlon, their colorstay liquid liner is great, no pricey liner compares IMO and I really like their colorstay under eye concealer.

    I'm not really a fan of any drugstore beauty products...though to be honest it's not like I've tried as products from drugstore brands as I have expensive ones :p
    I don't like the lack of testers with cheaper brands, I probably would buy more products from the drugstore if I could play with the makeup.
  13. I like this thread!
    For me, there are some beauty products I can skimp on, and some that I know I need to invest in a little more. Mascara, blush, and some of my skin care, I totally buy from drugstores. However, my night and eye creams (both from Clinique), my foundation/powder, and eye makeup products are all more high-end companies. I think someone who is watching their $$$ can balance out the skimping and splurging. :balloon:
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    I personally have a lot of high-end mu items. However, when I first started wearing mu it was all about the drugstore brands. I will admit that when it comes to e/s how pigmented/ease of application is important to me so most of my e/s are MAC, UD and I have a few by Stila. But I hear Loreal HIP is a good buy for the $. The funny thing is higher-end brands typically still need a good base/primer. So I'm thinking if you were to invest in a good primer you could still achieve the same look w/DS brands.

    Foundation is a toss-up, back in the day I use to live by Covergirl (but they discont'd my color), then I tried MAC (loved it at 1st now I dislike their foundationS)...I then went to MUFE foundation (like) but I :love: Bobbi Brown foundation (I wear the new Skin finish).

    Mascara, tried the expensive Dior, Bad Gal Lash, Lorac, Sephora, etc... and to be honest I now prefer the drugstore brands! They are just as good IMO, because mascara is one of those things that needs to be replaced every 3-4 months-why waste $20-$30 when you can get the same look for $5-$9.

    Lipstick, I think is another toss-up! I'm not really a l/s girl but I do think you can find decent quality l/s at the drugstore. The one downside I see to purchasing DS brand l/s is you are not able to try them on and most DS won't accept returns on opened MU. Even though they are cheaper, priced anywhere from $7-10, if you can't find the shade you like (and your store won't accept returns) you could end up spending more in the long-run...

    Lipgloss, can be tricky. That really depends on the type of l/g you prefer. I'm a thick l/g gal so I do like MAC. I find some ds brands to feel a bit "runny" on my lips.

    I personally believe you can create flawless mu looks with either high/low ends bc it's the application/technique(s) that matters most anyway.
  15. I agree with everything said, I also think that the tools you use to apply your makeup, make a huge difference in the final pay off!