cheap uggs!

  1. hey everyone, i've found this website with some pretty decent prices for uggs and was wondering whether any of you guys have shopped there before. the website is: if none of you guys have shopped there before, you can wait until i get my order and i'll let everyone know about their service. i'll be the guinea pig this time :rolleyes:
  2. Hi Sweet_Peas...

    I haven't shopped there... but good luck. Please let us know if you were pleased. I usually buy my uggs from either Nordstrom or Zappos. :yes:
  3. I haven't shopped there either but, I bought my Uggs a few weeks ago from David Z Inc.
  4. I placed an order with them on the 10th of January and never heard anything from them. The ones I ordered were back ordered and I knew that but they never sent me anything saying they were back ordered or received my order or anything. I also called them several times and never got an answer. I wouldn't order from them.

  5. Back in January I found that site and tried calling them because I thought to myself, how can they have every color and size in stock right now??? Because they don't show whether or not they have the shoes in stock on their website. So, I tried calling quite a few times and didn't get an answer either! I never placed an order tho.