Cheap Tickets to Vegas?


Jul 2, 2008
I'm planning to go to Vegas around Thanksgving (leave Wednesday and return Sunday) from Houston, but the tickets are so expensive! Does anybody know of any plane ticket deals under 250, preferably around 200? Also, are there any hotel deals at that time? Thanks!!


Nov 19, 2006
Have you looked at Southwest? Just looked for you and the cheapest is 129 each way. If you could come back on Monday that would give you a cheaper flight. They usually always have deals, so I would be on the lookout with them.
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Aug 2, 2009
That's funny, we will be there the week of Thanksgiving too.

Fares seem to be high in general. For the last 7+ years, we always book Vegas through American Airline vacations (, and have not found a better deal for hotel + air for any given trip. (we book early, though their fare is still competitive even 4-6 months out.

Mostly what I like is that we need only pay $100/traveler at the time of booking, with the balance due 45 days prior to the trip. If you go with this option, you need to call to make the reservation is now only for full pay at the time of booking.

Traveling from Chicago, non-stop flights both ways (morning departure, evening return), Paris hotel, the cost with tax came to $450/person (air + 4 nights hotel).

Hope this helps.