CHEAP rental homes, B&Bs, etc in Florida???

  1. SO and I are planning our summer vacation at the moment. Does anybody have any recommedations for Florida? :sweatdrop:

    We pretty much just need a bed, bathroom and a wardrobe (small kitchen would be heaven, but we'll get by without one :p). Everything else would be bonus.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. It might help you you give us an idea where in Fla you'd like to stay. :smile:
  3. :p good question, I've only been to South Florida so far (Orlando and below) ... SO is especially interested in the Everglades and nature, so I guess south it is again
  4. Miami has gotten really expensive. I will try to look for some cheap , good places for you.
  5. bout some places along the gulf coast? Cedar Key, Tarpon Springs, Sarasota, Naples, Venice, Ft Myers??
  6. I'm pretty open to anything. If we are going we'll rent a car anyway so we would be mobile :p

    Lol, I just looked at eBay listings and either it's for 4 persons+ or you're obliged to take a time-sharing tour :wacko: Fun pure!
  7. If you want to stay close to Miami without paying the expensive hotels, Fort Lauderdale is a good alternative - not too far from Miami but much cheaper. Just a thought. If you have a chance, definitely drive down the keys to Key West!