Cheap Pre-Owned SPY for sale here...

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  1. dont they sell fakes.
  2. looks like a fakie to me
  3. Well, maybe this one is a fake. I did do a search and women on this forum, as I stated in my original post, have purchased authentic bags from them. The very low price is iffy, though.
  4. this one looks fake, but they do sell authentic bags as a rule. they sell used bags, so it's important to be careful, because a fake may slip by every now and then.
  5. i now but look at there louis vuitton's.
  6. i think this fendi is fake. I remember reading somewhere in this forum that the leather's texture or leather indents, are shaped like 'turtles'
  7. why does this one look fake? It looks real to me but I have only seen a white one IRL. Experts please? thanks
  8. THAT bag is 1000% fake.
    Any site that posts fakes as photo for advertisement is not a site I'd be buying from.
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. This is what the leather on a real bag looks like.
  10. Aw bummer, that's an awesome deal if it was real !
  11. It does look fake, but if its real the price is awesome!!! :biggrin:
  12. Sorry I linked you gals to a fake!
  13. :lol: Its okay, it happens!
  14. wow! that is cheap. too bad it's a fake.

    but it does say on the site that they don't guarantee the authenticity of the bag .. so i guess we cant say for sure is selling fakes and passing them off as auth?
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