Cheap, practical LV key holder ... less than $130

  1. Here is a creative thought:


    Keys on the key ring, Hook it up to one of various Cles or bags or jeans and you're ready to go.

    No one has tried this?
  2. Another POV:

  3. Wanted to try it, but I wonder how durable this keychain is. I used to use a mtn climber-style hook, but it broke.
  4. its real name is anneu-cles, not "pochette extender" and that's what they're originally used for. i've been using it for my keys for years now :yes:
  5. Pochette extender? I don't think any1 called it that in this thread...but thanks for clearing that up. I didn't realize anybody thought that was what this keychain was originally for. Anywho, have you been using the same one 'for years now?' How does it look as compared to when you first got it? Do you baby it or is it very sturdy?
  6. It is very cute.
  7. Me too!:tup:
  8. Yeah, this is sold as a key chain. Not a pochette extender....
  9. I don't know why this isn't hyped more.
    The design is awesome!!

    I bought one and plan on buying 3 more. For MY own personal use! Bwhahahahahah
  10. Uuummm, I thought it was a keychain...
  11. It looks great! I didnt know LV had these. I think ill have to get one :biggrin:
  12. I think a lot of PFers have used it as a "pochette extender" but yeah, these are actually great little keychains.
  13. It is a keychain.....a lot just use it as a pochette extender.
  14. I've got one. I use it as a pochette extender too. It looks really pretty with my vanilla epi pochette.
    When I bought the vanilla epi pochette, I told to my SA that I would really love it if the strap was a bit longer. She showed me this keychain and voila!
  15. I bought this for my pochette to use as an extender, ended up taking the pochette back and now use it for my keys. It works great for either purpose.