cheap plane tickets?

  1. does anyone know any good sites for buying plane tickets? I'm going to Italy . Also anyone know good shopping places in Italy? thanks
  2. Priceline will probably give you the cheapest tickets, if you name your price, but you can't pick the time you leave or arrive. You might also try travelzoo or a travel agent.

    Florence has some amazing outlets outside the city - you have to rent a car or something to get there - some members have been so you could search for info. I haven't actually been shopping at the outlets, but shopping for gold jewelry in Florence is amazing (and expensive!). Lots of enamel and handmade items, all 18k.
  3. I like But the best thing to do is shop around; look at the carriers' websites,,,, etc. Good luck!
  4. also, for last minute deals....
  5. I use Priceline too. It seems to work pretty good if you have a flexible schedule.
    Milan is also a Wonderful place to shop!
    Have fun and be sure to check out Duomo cathedral of Milan.
  6. It is also good to check, and Good luck!
  7. For shopping, definitely go to Firenze (Florence). They have a good mercato (market) where you can buy leather goods and souvenirs. Lots of good stand alone shops as well (great shoes). Also, the designer outlets outside of Firenze are awesome. I believe there is a bus that goes there - ask around.

    In Roma, go around the Piazza di Spagna/Spanish Steps. One of the main shopping roads is Via Condotti. Lots of designer stores.

    Have fun!
  8. For cheap tickets, try They don't sell the tickets but this is a consolidated search engine for the cheapest posted online fares for most airlines and travel sites.
  9. I swear by priceline but bear in mind you will probable end up on a red eye. Site 59 is great for last minute travel. If I have to travel by a certain time then it's Orbitz.
  10. ditto eucalyptic's comment. mobissimo is great.

    You might also wanna check out United's fare offer to Rome @
    United Airlines - New daily service to Rome, Italy

    Fare Compare (Airline tickets, Discount Airfare, Helping you find Cheap Flights At FareCompare ) is a great search tool too.

    Good luck!
  11. I got an e-mail from Orbitz a couple of days ago regardin' a sale on international flights. Ya can try them. I used them for my flights when I went to Europe a couple of years ago, cos they had the best fares. Good luck whatever you decide to do!

    BTW, the sale on round trip fares ends on February 5th!
  12. has pretty good deals. Only thing is you have to call them but they definitely give good quotations for trips. :smile:
  13. I use usually but I just used Yahoo Travel and got an awesome deal going to Phoenix from Cleveland during Easter Break
  14. I would try:
    ive gotten very good results with the site
    both good sites, if you flying to Florence, its cheaper to fly into Milan and drive, its about 2 hrs and very easy. also Delta has grt Biz class fares, usually about 2000 a ticket. Delta Air Lines
    Have fun! Northern italy is so fantastic! :yes:
  15. Oh, there is the Prada outlet outside Florence, if you fly into Milan the shopping there is fantastic as is the shopping in Florence. Just walk around. Alot of the new designers are close to the jewish quarter, lots of smaller shops.