Cheap plane tickets??

  1. Does anyone know the best online sites to get cheap tickets? I want to fly my best friend in for my birthday, but I NEVER fly, so I have no clue where to get good deals on (sorta) late notice.
  2. I use expedia, orbitz, cheaptickets. I find those fares are usually cheaper than going to the airline sites.
  3. Jetblue, Airtran, and Southwest usually have specials running on their sites. I always search at off times and off days. That is when I have had the best luck.

    Although, I just got a direct flight to vegas for $85 (one way) by visiting the ticket counter of the airline at the airport.
  4. Try cheap flights.
  5. Thanks yall! I booked through :tup:
  6. If youre a student. try
  7. In my opinion the best site is It compares ALL the travel agencies (expedia, cheaptickets, airline websites, endless...etc, etc)...