Cheap Monday Skyscraper Jeans?

  1. Does anyone have these? Do you have a modeling shot? I'd love to see what they look like on an actual person. Also, does anyone know anywhere in the US where they are sold and not sold out. Already tried UO, Revolve, etc.

  2. cheap monday are swedish jean I dunno which modell u are talking about exactly? can u explain a bit pls?
    in general cheap monday jeans are REALLY skinny jeans
  3. the skyscraper models are highwaisted skinny jeans.

  4. Barneys sells Cheap Monday, so they may have the pair you are looking for
  5. thanks- i tried, they dont have any right now.
  6. ok
    are you talking about the very very high-waist?
    I've seen many guys and girls with this
    the waist goes up to your ribs hahaha It looks cool on girls but you have to have a quite special body to fit "well" in them
    like tiny waist and quite a big bum
  7. I love them!!! I tried a pair on a couple weeks back and they fit snug. I sized up one from my normal denim size. Very very cute!!!
    Sorry though no pics...Have you tried running a search for them?
    Hopefully you can find a pair!!
  8. i dont like the feel of cheap monday jeans. iv tried a few pairs and theyv always been stiff.
  9. I saw the brand at UO yesterday, but no skyscrapers. And no way my big thighs would ever look good in those . . .
  10. i think cheap momdays washed jeans are really comfy feeling... maybe the unwashed were what you tried cherry pie.

    thanks chinadoll, yeah i've seen them there too, but alas they are sold out of the skyscrapers in the us and online they are sold out in my size. im not a tiny girl, i must say i was really surprised when i tried these jeans on- im planning on wearing them mostly under looser shirts and with boots, like a big old jean legging corset hahah:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. i ended up finding a pair that was really similar by blank... thanks for everyone help!