cheap MJ totes at Nordies Rack

  1. I saw these MJ totes (in last season's colors) at Nordies Rack at the Howard Hughes Center today for over half half off! there were also other smaller MJ hand bags that i can't find pix of. Nordies rack does charge/send! i think shipping is 8.95.

    this one was i believe 600 (retail 1200).

    this one was i believe 400 (retail 900)
  2. cute! great deal!
  3. my mom found the second one in cherry blossom at an Off Saks! I think also for $400 ish
  4. Thanks for the heads up! My neck of the woods. Is the pink Guinevere still there? I used to see that one every time I went there. :smile:
  5. the pink guinevere is still there! all sales are final for mj bags at Nordies rack.
  6. uhkiwi i found a cherry blossom too at off saks and it was a great deal!! as i remember it was only like $300 something that used to be $900!!! ders a lot of great looking bag at off saks!! especially right now they have extra 20% going on tomorrow friday!! ciao bellas!!
  7. Great find! Congrats. =)
  8. ooh- I love the second one! Am I the only who thinks that MJ seems to go on sale more than other brands?

  9. i do too! i never know what is going to go on sale though... so i end up buying it if i can get any sort of deal (like 20% off or something). i can't believe i got my first mj bag at retail 4 yrs ago... the quinn.
  10. gosh, I like those bags.... but I have three bags I am waiting for.. might as well go to Off 5th tomorrow just to check, wont hurt just to check.. heheheh..(with evil grin.... lol)...
  11. Wow, what a deal!
  12. LOL. =) Might as well, it won't hurt just to check. =)