Cheap method of packaging/sending your eBay goods!?

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  1. With all these super high postage rates, I've been trying to find a way to make my packages as light as possible.

    I was thinking about using those plastic bags that Victoria's Secret (and others!) uses to ship it's packages. They seem really durable and one time they even shipped with a pair of shoes inside! Are these bags called Tyvek bags? I'm not sure where to find them.

    Also, if you were receiving something you bought off eBay in one of these bags, how would you feel? Should I just stick to boxes? Obviously I wouldn't be mailing leather purses in these bags, but stuff like clothes, flip flops, LeSportsac bags, etc.
  2. Depends what are you posting; I either use lightweight padded envelopes (mostly for small items), but when I need boxes i run around shoe-shops and ask for empty shoe-boxes - they are always happy to get rid of them. The 'official' mailing-boxes are way too expensive! And some of the shoe-boxes are really pretty.
  3. I don't mind receiving my items packed by Tyvek bags, as long as they are not handbags. Using Tyvek bags to ship clothes or pants those stuff would be fine.
  4. and they're so much heavier! i like your alternative's eco friendly as well!
  5. i once had a seller send me a shirt in a shirtbox with brown paper wraping it and thats it. It got to me fine they weren't far away but it could have easliy gotten damaged. Priority mail boxes are free so thats what i use to ship.
  6. i use priority mail boxes too since they are
  7. You could try buying your padded envelopes in bulk, from Costco or Sams Club or an office supply store. Office Depot even has a loyalty card. We ship video games in padded envelopes and they work out so much cheaper if we buy a load in at one time.
  8. I once received a pair of Prada shoes in a Tyvek envelope and I have to say I was not pleased. IMO, shoes need to be shipped in a box.

    However, I do ship shirts, pants and sweaters in Tyvek envelopes without a problem. As another post mentioned, you can get free supplies from usps's website.
  9. I always ship Priority, so depending on it's weight, I decide which Priority packaging to use. If it is kinda heavy I use the flat rate large box (I think it is now $8.95 for the flat rate large box or square box), or the mushy Tyvek-type envelope for pants, shirts, soft things like that. I also learned that depending on the zip code, and how far it is away from you, all Priority rates are not the same. If you are sending across the country, the same package will cost several dollars more than sending it one state over. Another reason to use the flat rate box for states farther away from you.

    ...oh! And don't forget manditory delivery confirmation. I always add that into the shipping fee and do it every time to protect myself. Even if the buyer does not choose insurance, ALWAYS do delivery confirmation.
  10. Are they free? That's nice! :tup: to USPS! Here they don't even sell them at the post offices, so far I found only 1 store in town selling them for €1.40/each...
    I also re-use the boxes I receive - good excuse for buying more stuff on eBay... ;)
  11. I try to reuse boxes unless the item fits in a free USPS priority mail box. They have boxes that are sized for shoes.
  12. I try to reuse boxes unless the item fits in a free USPS priority mail box. They have boxes that are sized for shoes.
  13. I also use the free USPS shipping supplies. If you go to their website, you can order a ton free of charge. Of course, you do have to use priority mail, but everyone expects it now anyways. I go to the dollar store and buy their cheap tissue paper, even though the sheets are smaller, you get a lot more than you would buying the hallmark kind at the grocery/walmart. I also get a cheap package of stickers at the dollar store (also a lot for your money) and the cost of shipping supplies is less than 25 cents per package this way. Just to be on the safe side, I charge $1-2 more than the cost of actual postage to cover these costs. Just wrap the item in tissue, secure it with a sticker, and pop it in the USPS package... it looks really professional and people appreciate it. Personally, I'd be kind of mad if my item arrived in a plastic envelope because they have no shape. Hope this helps!
  14. thanks everyone!! i'm definitely going to start using tyvek bags for all the clothes i send out! also, i knew that USPS had free boxes for Priority, but I found that they were too heavy, and therefore expensive, for just sending out cheap clothing.