Cheap messenger bag for use with children.


Mar 16, 2008
England, UK
I have a lovely Mulberry Antony messenger bag but I have noticed that its just getting too beaten up with 2 kids in tow.
I need something that I don't have to be so careful with.
Have seen these barrel bags by Zatchels which I thought I liked but now I am not sure. Think I was perhaps drawn to the range of colours rather than the actual style.

Also considered something from Scaramanga who have been mentioned a few times here but yet again something is holding me back.
Any comments on either? If I am having doubts I am guessing I should trust my instincts.
Any other UK ladies have any other suggestions. Budget is up to £50. Prefer interesting independent retailers.


Apr 15, 2007
I love the colors on the first one but having to undo a buckle every time you want to get in it might not be easy with kids . The second one looks well worn already and in that case just keep using your old one. Do you have fossil bags there. They are sturdy and relatively low priced.