cheap mc agenda ends 1hr about $90

  1. Wow, thanks for posting!
    Any experts here? Authentic?
  2. yep its good
  3. quick 9 mins left
  4. Guys i'm so sorry, I don't think thats real.
  5. Oh.. :sad: why?
  6. I thought the LV's were suppossed to be smaller. I may be wrong. Maybe you ahould search here for pic that peple have posted of a MC agenda. I may be TOTALLY wrong.
  7. nope its def authentic
  8. Ooooh, I was so torn! :cry: I checked eLuxury and it looked good, but there wasn't enough time left to be 100 % sure... good deal for someone :amuse:
    BTW: The LV's are smaller on the Ring Agenda...

  9. Oh! It's my fault isn't it?!?!
    I am SO SORRY! I just thought it didn't look right, and thought i sould say it incase!

    I so sorry.
  10. Oh no, it's not your fault! :flowers:
    There was just not enough time for me to check everything. I'm always so afraid because of eBay, so I want to make everything 100 % sure.