cheap LV's @ lkasjdfkljsdlaf dot com

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  1. hi everyone! im new here. has anyone ever bought from

    they've got really cheap lv's for a brand new condition.
    would really appreciate any feedback on this site. tnx
  2. Don´t post links to websites that sell fake LV in here.. Only sells authentic LV online.
  3. She's new. She didn't know.

    Yah, there are A LOT of rules here. So, I would suggest reading them before hand. But, if you do something "wrong" the mods will pm you or delete your post/thread. Just a heads up.

    Welcome BTW.
  4. Welcome! Yes, I'm sorry to say that this site sells fakes. There are a lot of sites out there that claim to sell "only authentic" items, but they lie. Notice they don't even call their LV bags "LV"; they call them "Monogram".
  5. Sorry but could someone tell me what pm means? Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Those are pretty outrageous prices for fake bags yikes
  7. Private Message
  8. Hi welcome to PF...

    Please familiar yourself by reading the rules and guidelines..
  9. i see. thanks michelle1025 for the heads up. (smile)
    so they're selling fakes. tnx for the info. and oh, i've found that site through tpf's supporting ads.
  10. yikes the supporting ads are promoting fake bags lol. Thanks Irene, I should have known that one already, Duh....PM= private it :smile:
  11. Yikes!! Definitely not your fault if tpf has supporting ads for the fake bag site!!! I would normally assume that anything linked from tpf would be legit but clearly that's not the case. :wtf:

    Anyway, eluxury is the only place online that sells 100% authentic Louis Vuitton so now you know!! Have fun!!! :flowers:
  12. Hello, this question would belong to the authenticate this sticky located at the top of the forum. Please post ALL questions relating to authenticity there. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.