Cheap international airplane fares

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  1. I have to see my Father for Xmas and I didn't think to buy my airplane ticket early!!! It's an international plane ticket and is going to cost too much since it's so near the holiday season...:crybaby:Does anyone know of a good way to get more affordable plane tickets? Is anyone here an owner of a plane??? Waaaaahhhh!!!!! LOL! Please let me know if you there are some things I can try! Thanks so much!
  2. Did you go to Expedia?
  3. their is also which is very good
  4. Expedia has it for more than $3000. That's so much. =(
  5. My niece just bought a ticket from Houston to Frankfort, Germany for $250. I will have to ask which company she used as she just ordered it yesterday.
  6. Frankfurt, Germany :smile: Not Frankfort.

    mas, where are you flying out from and where to?? Dates??
  7. Try Cheap Airfare, Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals - to see who has the cheapest deal going.

    Also sign up for international carriers' email list. I'm on British Airway's list and once a week or so they'll email me their hot deals.

    Try to alter your schedule a little bit. Can you fly out on a Tuesday or Wednesday and do the same on your dates flying back? If you do a weekend or a Friday, you'll pay a lot more than during the week.
  8. wow!!! I wish I could have found that deal for my tickets. Sometimes you just luck out!
  9. Try priceline. I'm not familiar with their rules but they have this thing where you can name your own price.
  10. OMG tell me about it....we're only trying to do domestic flights and we're looking at 1k for my husband and me grrrr
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