Cheap housing in California?

  1. Is there even such a thing?

    I live in San Jose and the cheapest 2 bedroom apartment I can find is $1200 a month, it's crazy. My boyfriend and I would really like to move in together while I pursue a career with the CHP but it's gonna be hard to pay for everything we need including our pets on an $2000 a month income.

    Anybody have any suggestions?
  2. Austin, TX is far cheaper???? :biggrin:

    sorry.. I have no good advice.. but best of luck! :smile:
  3. As far as I know, there isn't. At least not where I live!
  4. Yeah LA is even worse.:hysteric:
  5. woahhh!! you should jump on that, I'm in the North and pay almost that much for a 2bedroom/2bathroom... :cursing:

    But sorry, I have no suggestions for cheaper housing. Is there a specific part of CA you're looking for?
  6. I'd like to stay more north near San Jose which limits my options. $1200-$1400 is about average for a 2 bedroom 1-1 1/2 bath. It would only be for about 6 months or a little more because then we have to move up to Sacramento so I can go into the CHP academy.
  7. Stockton is the foreclosure capitol of America - there's bound to be a good deal there! It's a 1 1/2 -2 hour drive from San Jose. I grew up there, and while it's not very exciting, it's close to exciting places.
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. ahh i see. have you tried searching on craigslist to see if anyone is subleasing? Sac should definitely be cheaper though. sorry, i'm not much help. good luck!!
  10. I pay $1.050 for a 1 bedroom.

    It's too much. :sad:

    Thinkin of moving out of Cali, but the weather here is so nice & everything is here!!!!!!!!!

    It's almost unreal to even think of being a homeowner in the future for me.

    $500,000 can't really get you anything nice.
  11. OMG, San Jose is insanely priced! Have you tried Fremont or maybe doing a looong commute from Berkeley, Oakland, or Concord? Berkeley has some cheap housing if you live far away from the university. But yeah, I can't really think of anything around SF that's really "reasonable" off the top of my head. Hope someone here can help and good luck!
  12. You won't find cheap housing unless you want to live in a questionable neighborhood. And sometimes even that is expensive, especially in Northern California. Do you drive? If you don't mind commuting, living outside of the city might be affordable for you.
  13. Too bad you need to stay near SanJo, because living is a lot cheaper in uberNor Cal - like Chico, etc. Life will be easier when you move to Sactown to go to the CHP academy!! And I wish you the best of luck! Them's my old stompin grounds so when I come down to visit family I would be happy to meet up with you and bring you anything you need!
  14. :greengrin: :whistle::angel: It's true! :lol:
  15. DF and I are moving to Sac!! SUPER CHEAP HOUSING!! well compared to San Diego, LA, and where we are in the Bay now anyways!!