Cheap Hermes bag?!

  1. I am not an Hermes girl, but do know that these bags are not cheap...why is the Hermes on only $900?? Is this a super deal or must this bag be fake?
  2. You mean the Herbag?
  3. yes...
  4. The Herbags are canvas and leather, compared to most H bags that are fully made of leather. They're more of an "entry-level" bag, and only retailed in the $1500-$2200 range when new if I' m not mistaken. And yes the one on let-trade is definitely authentic.
  5. :graucho: I almost got the one on let-trade. I'm getting one identical to it that's barely been used-- it'll be my first H bag. I think they are a great way to get into H!
  6. Her Bag is an affordable Hermes bag although this line has been discontinued.
  7. The Herbag was my first Hermes bag...and I two bags in one...not a bad deal for a first Hermes...Good luck with your bag search...
  8. i love herbags, but there is something about the way the leather and clasp sit that bothers me. So i wouldn't buy one, but they are a good intro bag to H.
  9. I love them. The reason that they are less expensive is that there is no hand-stitching on them. The canvas bottoms are run through a machine, and the leather tops have no stitch-work at all. Even the clochette just "folds" together!
  10. Herbag is so cute, I love it that it changes looks/sizes so easily. I also like the other canvas bags, Deauville etc.