Cheap Giraffe Bag on Ebay - MK/Tano Inspired? Cute?

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    It looks like the MK Giraffe Print and Looks sort of like a REALLY big Boogie Bucket, unless the model is a toddler.

    I avoid pleather and "leather-like" whenever possible, but for some reason I love this bag. I would totally rock it.

    When I searched "giraffe" in the handbag category it also pulled up a cute bucket bag with orange trim. I might have to get them both for summer knock-around bags!
  2. It's OK but I still like my Dooney & Bourke better. I guess it's a personal decision about whether to support the designer inspired bags or not.
  3. That bag is a knockoff of the Dooney, down to the patches at the top. Dooney has had it for several seasons. I have the real one and I love it and get loads of compliments. I would not go near anything like this in un-leather, as I imagine it would not hold up at all.

    Dooney makes the sac in two sizes and probably 10 other style bags in the giraffe print. Once you see the color variation of the Dooney giraffe in person and the texture in high quality leather, the differences become obvious.

    The giraffe MK also posted about is fabric, right? I have that style of MK bag in zebra from last summer and have to say that it looks great but those handles get very tiresome.
  4. Actually Boscov's has Dooney and Bourke giraffe hobo for 175.00 which is half what I spent on one and 1/3 on the other of my giraffe satchel and tote. Good luck.
  5. Yep, that's definitely this close to being a counterfeit D&B. I used to have that bag...well not that one but the Dooney Small Sac. I outgrew it though. I hate to see stuff like that...the Dooney version is really nice.
  6. You honestly cannot win with some people here! Its like when you get the lecture about fake bags (i get it, i get it) you get told that there are plenty of "designer imposters" (like the perfume?) out there for everyone who cant afford an expensive bag. Then you see a cute imposter that clearly states its designer inspired, has no copyright issues, and is obviously much better for doing things like toting my dog stuff to the park or carrying sammys to the pool than a $400 bag that could get ruined and people STILL have nasty comments.

    Not everyone is going to always buy the designer version of something, and considering safari is the big trend for spring, every store from D&B to WalMart is going to have a giraffe bag. A zebra isnt going to suddenly start growing a new pattern on its fur for the lesser brands to use, so I would be willing to bet everyones prints will be the same. You arent buying the print, youre paying for the label. Get over it.
  7. Sorry, was just giving my opinion but I didn't think my comment was rude...just a difference of opinion.
  8. SLIDEGIRLCASS: You should get what you like, regardless of what members here say BUT if you are asking opinions, which it seems you were in the title "...cute?" then you should expect and also welcome some honest opinions. I personally think it is a GREAT pool, doggie, or beach bag. I have some big mesh totes that cost me a couple of dollars at Old Navy that are perfect for that use as well. I agree with you: I wouldn't want to take my Marc Jacobs bag to the pool or beach. But again, be careful what you wish for around these parts; people WILL give their opinion if you ask for it and you don't want to get a bad rep by slamming folks for it.....
    Just my $0.02.
  9. Your opinion didn't even approach rude. And I agree w/ you 100%.
  10. I agree with you on everything you said slidegirl. I think you should get the bag and totally rock it! It's really cute!
  11. I didnt want to call someone out specifically, but I found pinkshoulders comment to be a little snobby. She might not want to go near it, but Ill definitely carry it.

    I am happy to have peoples comments and opinions, but I didnt ask "What is your opinion on imitation bags?" - I asked if people thought THAT SPECIFIC BAG was cute. Seems like every thing I ask about gets me a lot of crap from people unless Im throwing $500 on the table!
  12. The problem people have with it is that it looks EXACTLY like the Dooney and Bourke bag in print and design. No one said anything about the giraffe print being exclusively for the use of expensive designer labels. It's not that hard to search for a UNIQUE giraffe print bag that isn't a replica of a D&B or another label.
  13. MPA- very well said!

    Slidegirlcass- if you ask for opinions on this forum, expect to get honest ones. The vast majority of people on here do not support copies of other brand's bags. No one said you had to drop $500 on bags. Buy a Target bag for $50 as long as it's original, and people will be fine with that. People post about Vera Bradley bags (not expensive), bags from Ross (again, not expensive) and those are fine.

    You can't tell me that bag you posted isn't ripped off of this Dooney and Bourke one:

    Even the picture the seller used in the eBay auction you posted uses Dooney and Bourke's pictures- meaning even THEY acknowledge it's ripped off.

    Ask about the Dooney and Bourke bag and you'll get an honest answer. In regards to the bag you posted, you even said yourself that you normally stear clear of pleather, which is what pinkshoulders was saying.
  14. I hate having to repeat the same things over and over again.

    Its about THAT bag, not comparing it to other bags. D&B isnt going to lose any money because I like an imitation bag - I wouldnt ever pay the retail price or close to it for their bag anyway. Regardless.

    Ive heard enough of other peoples opinions at this point and Im getting a bag of a similar shape and style. Consider this my request that this thread be closed.
  15. IMHO if you like it you should get it. It does look like the D & B but it doesn't have the D & B on it so I don't see what the big deal is. I consider it inspired and not a knock off. It's also a great price.:tup:

    That being said, you did ask for opinions and there are a lot of very strong and different opinions on this forum. So, if everyone is going to play nice, then you can't call people out for doing exactly what you asked. When you get opinions that are different than your own, just thank them and make your decision based on what YOU think. Try not to take things too personally. We all have plenty of drama in real life and most people come here to relax and get away from it all.