cheap fashion pumps - yay or nay?

  1. Hi, So I am always buying cheap pumps from places like new look (UK store) and zara - they have a short lifespan because of their quality but im also wondering whether i should wear them at all - do they cheapen a look? Im early 30's if that helps you advise! :smile:
  2. Honestly, I can't find good cheap styles in my size. But the reality is that these cheap shoes hurt my feet and are done after a year or two of wear. I think if you have a limited budget, and want trendy shoes, this is ok. I've been buying well made, classic styles that are more spendy, but I will have forever. BTW, I am in my late 30's and started this mentality in my early 30's. Use most of your $ on quality classic styles and use your play $ on the throwaway trendy ones.
  3. I used to buy cheaper brands all the time (I'm in my early 20s), they used to rub and make my feet sweaty (so gross) and they'd start looking really beat up after only a few wears... I used to think I was really hard on my shoes.
    After buying my first pair of designer, I couldn't believe how perfectly they moulded to my feet, they didn't make my feet sweat and the quality of the materials was stunning. I've only bought about two 'cheaper' shoes (but they're made of leather as opposed to synthetic) since, all the rest have been from high-end brands.

    I find they look perfect for so much longer, which for me, makes me feel more polished and put together. I personally, tend to notice if a person's shoes aren't in the best of shape, and for work I don't think that's the best impression.
    I agree 100% with Fee4zy, spend more on the classics (they will get you through everything!) and spend less on the trendy shoes :smile:
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    Designer shoes are a long term investment. God is in the details, and a good quality, well-made pair of shoes are one of the things that can elevate your look.

    If you're the practical type and do not want to over splurge on shoes, you can invest on just a few key styles.

    1) Ballet Flats (Lanvin or Ferragamo)
    2) Low heeled pumps (Louboutins)
    3) Flat Sandals (Tory Burch? Depends on your style).

    Timeless items that you will wear over and over again on a daily basis. Other styles you can look into are moccasins from Tod's or low wedge sandals from Stuart Weitzman.

    I'm in my early twenties, I own designer classics that I take care off and hope that they will take me through my 30s and beyond. I appreciate that the shoes are made fully from quality leather and the last is of a good fit. I am more likely to buy seasonal trends from high street stores such as Zara and Topshop. But even so, I do still try and buy shoes that are made from leather.

    Hope that helps :smile:
  5. cheap shoes (which are usually not leather) kill my feet and do have a way of looking worn quicker so they are a no-go for me no matter how cute they look at first
  6. They are a definite no go for me. I would rather spend money on quality that will last.
  7. I have spendier shoes I love, as well as cheap ones. I once followed a girl at a club to ask her where she got her Tribute-style F21 pumps. I bought a pair of the F21s before I bit the bullet & ordered the YSLs (awaiting in mail! :yahoo:) I still will wear the F21s in Fall, as they're that weird ultra-suede & a fun cobalt colour.

    Now, granted, my more expensive pumps hold up better; but my feet are murder to get a perfect fit - my Manolos hurt my feet after the same amount of time as cheaper heels from Aldo. I deal. The only real benefit that comes with pricier shoes is that I can get 1/2 sizes; unfortunately, that's not always the case with mall brands. And it is tougher to find shoes that are cheap that don't look cheap; versus say clothes or costume jewellrey.
  8. Hi i would say if you can aford it buy high end brands it will save your feet in the long run, i started buying cheep high fashion shoes in my teens becase i did not have much money, altho i now own nice pairs of louboutins etc my feet are ruined from the days of cramming my feet in poor made shoes that at the time looked very good for the money, Sharon.
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    I bought both high-end and cheap ones. The pricer ones are for work / going out. They lasted for very long even wear on a daily basis, and I try to be very careful to not ruin them since they are expensive. With the cheap ones (flip-flop / sneakers like) are for my everyday dog-walking and running errands around the block since I can just put them on and not worry about the shoes having to go with the current outfit or the shoes getting dirty that sort of stuff.
  10. I used to buy a lot of cheap shoes, but buying good shoes just makes such a huge difference. We're always either on our feet or on our butts, so we should invest in good shoes and good chairs.
  11. I had some turquoise pumps from New Look which killed my feet at first but then lasted me 3 years and were the most comfy pumps I owned. They were some of the more expensive ones though, and I've also had really bad ones from there. I've never had shoes from Zara so can't comment on the quality. I think you just have to assess each pair and you can tell how well they are made.

    I recommend going a step up and looking at shoes from places like Aldo which are good quality high street shoes.
  12. In my experience even high end shoes only last 2-3 years max before looking worn or dated so buy a good quality leather shoe that you can afford. An make sure the shoe is the right fit, big enough. I definitely used to get too small shoes.

    Sometimes very pricey shoes are disappointing. My lanvin flats kill my feet.
  13. I could not agree more. I have many pairs of $800+ Louboutins and while they are more sturdy than Forever 21 shoes, I can't help but chuckle when I hear people say that they expect shoes to last a lifetime or they plan on passing them down to their children (unless you treat them like art and place them on a shelf & not wear them). These things go on your feet and touch the ground all day long.
    I think higher end shoes can serve two purposes (but not always).
    1. Fashion/style
    2. Comfort (not always the case but has been in my experience)

    I do not buy shoes w/ the expectation they will last me 10-20 years b/c I simply have not found that to be the case.

  14. It's all about the FIT I think. I don't own any super cheap shoes UNLESS they are real leather and fit well. :smile:

    Shoes are shoes. They are dragged. walked with, stepped on and depending on where you live they can get stained/wet/drenched and they do NOT last forever. Few years max before they look worn or outdated, no matter how classic they are.
  15. While I agree higher end shoes will not last forever (not like bags, jewelry etc.), my Dad had a pair of leather brogues which he wore for formal occasions for 30yrs, they finally fell apart (the sole, not the rest of it) two years ago, the top part of his brogues still looked new... so I think if you take good care of your shoes, they should last more than just 2-3yrs... definitely not a lifetime though :smile: